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Business directions


Doctor Auto Chain

Mission: To help make life in the car happier

Number of branches: 9

Areas of activity :
- Auto supermarket with 4000 kinds of goods
- Technical services
- Maintenance and adjustment fitting
- Mandatory annual state inspections
- Around 20 types of specialized services such as ignition,        window film, keys
- Wholesale chain of automotive goods
- E-commerce of automotive products

Zig Zag Trade

Mission: To create the perfect brand

Areas of activity: household brand development, the official representative in Mongolia, wholesale distributor

Officially licensed brands and directions:
- GP battery Hongkong (all types of batteries)
- Kangaroo S.Korea (shoe care, household and industrial cleaning products)
- Silver Turkey (shoe care products)
- USPC (the United States playing card) USA (playing cards and accessories)
- Maglite USA (flashlight)
- Little tree USA (fragrance)
- Naaldan Pad Mongolia (all kinds of household glue)
- Surprisingly Mongolia (cleaning products)

5 sales channels:
- OSDO shopping center
- Preseller supermarket
- Regional (countryside stores)
- Corporate office
- Vanseller small shop

Number of sales customers: 1580

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Zig Zag Fashion

Our mission: To create the desired car interior using a car seat cover

Field of activity: Manufacture of seat covers

Branch units: Mongolia - Ulaanbaatar 1, Kazakhstan - Almaty 1, Atyrau 1

Quality assurance: ISO 9001: 2008

Zig Zag Design

Our mission: to help you create your dream environment

Field of activity: Construction, decoration, design

Official License: Approved

Experience - a few of the buildings built and participated in:
- Golomt town
- Hunnu Shopping Mall
- New complex of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense
-Parliament Building 
- 9 buildings of Doctor Auto Chain
- Golomt Bank summer camp
- Ikh Tenger complex of government services

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Business Radio 98.9

Our mission: To help the leading company make the right business decisions

Broadcasting time: 24/7

Broadcast - produces and broadcasts 14 types of 450 new programs and news per year
- The G20:  most significant and popular historical presentations about the global and Mongolian 

economy & business
- Business philosophy - Ayn Rand
- Life path Human resource management
- "This is what Baabar said" published article
- "100 important people in Mongolia" 
- Broker Information on commodity, currency, and commodity prices in the market
- "Algorithm" Expert opinion
- "Harvard Business Review" Expert Opinion

Za Rulem Mongolia

Our mission: A guide for the auto world

In 2015, Za Rulem was the only Russian magazine to publish 1 billion copies in its 92-year history.

Annual issue: 12

Number of publications: 5000 copies

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Giingoo Radio

Our mission: A radio tour of the auto world

Broadcasting time: 24/7

Program - produces and broadcasts 12 types of 270 new programs per year
- "Hall of Fame" History of car manufacturers
- Centennial Drivers' Healthy Living Tips
- "Hey! Damdin" car entertainment show
- 1000 car using tips from Tojoo driver 
- Traffic situation news
- Introduce the activities of "Our class" car clubs
- City and streets histories along the way

Open and Own LLC

Our mission: To help business owners achieve risk-free success through franchising

Field of activity: Franchise model development

Experience: In cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Doctor Auto Chain opened the first two branches in 2020.

Goals until 2024:
- To open 19 branches of Doctor Auto Chain franchise in Mongolia and 3 branches in Kazakhstan
- To create 2 franchise models of Mongolian auto service


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